h&s x Website Project

h&s x Website Project

h&s websiteWe wanted to update our digital home for a very long time. So we have taken a new approach in which to build, design and edit our site in real-time as just another one of our Pop-Up shows. Not a shiny “ta-da” grand opening, but a chance to see how the process develops. It may be sometimes ugly, sometimes experimenting with ideas and sometimes just plain figuring things out; it’s what we do best and why we are still around.

So in turn we give you the “h&s X Website Project”

Over the next month we will be designing our new home with the transparency of glass. It has been three years since we fist opened and decided it was time to revamp our look and make it accessible to all patrons. Our collective of artists are stronger than ever and we need to make sure that they have a much better place to call home.

We are aiming for the finished project on July 1st.

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