Catacomb Launch Party tonight at Fulton 55

Catacomb Launch Party tonight at Fulton 55

Catacomb Party 2013

Nothing Gold and Religious Appeal invite you to celebrate the return of Catacomb Party with a special night of dinner, drinks and dancing. We’d like to share with you our long-term vision for the festival (July 20th on the Fulton Mall) as we consider its potential impact on both our economy and our culture.

We have chosen this night as the official launch of our 5 week marketing campaign. Our advertising is almost entirely word of mouth (sans handbills, posters and the occasional write up in newspapers) and relies heavily on the use of social media and guerrilla marketing. Your participation is integral to the plan. This night is a chance to work side by side on a project that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Our amazing friends and family have worked hard to deliver an amazing spread of local cuisine and several of our fellow cataphiles (urban enthusiasts) have banded together to bring you a truly unforgettable evening.

Fulton 55


Cockamamie Jamie

Le Wolves

Mr Leonard

Meatball Magic


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